What does the CEPN stand for?

Community Education Provider Network.

What groups of staff are the CEPN activities targeted at?

Tower Hamlets CEPN is targeted at all health and care workforce based in the borough. Specific programmes are sometimes offered to non-health and care workforce and service user to enhance the learning experience.

Is there are a charge to participate in CEPN organised activities?

Currently all activities are fully funded. However where there are DNAs i.e registered for course but not turning up, CEPN will enforce a fine to cover the cost of the place lost.

Who funds the CEPN?

The network and it’s activities are currently funded by Health Education England (HEE). Health Education England are responsible for the education, training and workforce planning for all NHS staff nationally.

Will Health Education England continue funding the CEPN in the future?

No. Funding will cease in the near future, it is expected that local commissioners, in partnership with health and care providers agree a way to support sustainability of the network and it’s activities.

How can I participate in CEPN Activities?

You can access information on this website, and register for any educational events via the CEPN Event Brite Page. You can access this via the following web link:
Please ensure you read the course information prior to registering in order to ensure training is suitable for you.

How can I be notified of upcoming Educational Events?

The CEPN team regularly send out email bulletins containing details if all upcoming educational events. You can also access this information via the Event Brite Page:
https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/myevents/ and the ‘events’ tab on this webpage.