Through the Eyes Of (TTEO): Understanding Anxiety Disorders

Through the Eyes Of (TTEO): Understanding Anxiety Disorders


September 28 - 10:00 am


March 21 - 05:00 pm

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Tower Hamlets Community Education Provider Network (CEPN)


Bernie Cameron Community Centre

32 Merchant St, London, E3 4LX

London, GB, E3 4LX

Discovering a Unique Perspective Through Virtual Reality

NOTE: this is face to face training. And registering and not attending will incur a £50 charge

Using Virtual Reality, we aim to create an immersive experience for learners in order to improve understanding of various health conditions. In a well-crafted VR environment, with a high level of engagement, sensations are heightened greatly. This hyper reality can be used to drastically reinforce the learning experience, leading to much better retention of knowledge. Come and immerse yourself in a virtual experience you will not forget!

Course outline and outcomes:

This course has been designed to help build empathy, reduce stigma and discrimination, and increase understanding of anxiety disorders. It will give you the opportunity to see through the eyes of someone with an anxiety disorder. The course will provide you with a unique training experience where you can go on to learn about different anxiety disorders with the added insight and understanding of having stepped into that person’s shoes and shared their experience firsthand.

Some of the areas covered in this training will include:

• What is Anxiety

• Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

• Different types of Anxiety Disorder

• Prevalence of Anxiety

• Mental Health in the Workplace

• How to support someone with Anxiety

• Self-Care

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