Employee Forums

Invitation: Join the Care Group's Employee Forums

The Care Group is excited to announce that we have expanded our Employee Forums to include Primary Care colleagues. These groups have been running since December 2022 and provide a safe space for individuals with shared interests to engage in meaningful and productive conversations. We would like to invite colleagues to join any of the four groups listed below:

LGBTQ+ Group

This group is a vibrant and inclusive LGBTQ+ network for enriching and engaging conversations about diverse topics that matter to you. These meetings are facilitated by the Care Group HR Lead, Nick Percival.

Primary Care colleagues are invited to come along and share your experiences, network, get support, and discuss how we can continue to improve workplace inclusivity.

When? The group meets every second Friday of the month.

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Black & Asian Network

Hosted by Care Group Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator Layla Abdi, this group is for Black and Asian colleagues interested in joining a much-valued safe space. Members can connect and have meaningful conversations about anything on their mind.

When? Come along every last Thursday of the month.

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Neurodiversity Staff Network

Hosted by Care Group Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator Layla Abdi, this gro

Neurodiversity is an important and often overlooked aspect to diversity at work. The Care Group’s Chief Operating Officer Malcolm Thomson hosts the Neurodiversity Staff Network meetings for colleagues who belong to the neurodivergent community, i.e., people whose brain is wired a bit differently from the ‘average’ person. Neurodivergent people can be autistic or have ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, or a range of other experiences.

When? Colleagues can join these meetings every second Tuesday of the month.

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Mighty Minds

Mighty Minds is an emotional wellbeing support group where colleagues can come together in a non-judgemental space to share their mental health and wellbeing experiences in a safe, and supportive space. The meetings will be hosted by the Training Hub’s Learning and Development Practitioner, Sarah Tahsildar and attendees will learn practical support tips.

Your ideas for creating  supportive mental health working environments are welcomed.

When? You can join the group every third Monday of the month.

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What are the benefits of joining an Employee Network?

We’re encouraging primary care colleagues to attend a group meeting if you would like to:

  • Engage in discussions that are relevant to your personal and professional growth.
  • Talk about experiences in a safe space.
  • Raise awareness and advocate for yourself and others.
  • Connect and build a personal network.
  • Collaborate on plans to create positive change and improve your work life.

Please note: The format of these meetings is deliberately open. This is to ensure that colleagues who join the groups can focus on topics and activities to create a framework that best suits their needs.

If you have any questions about the groups, please contact: layla.abdi@nhs.net.