Flu Update for HCAs

Flu Update for HCAs

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Introduction to vaccination, how we undertake the role and specifics of HCA’s undertaking it i.e the Patient Specific Direction  (PSD) issue.


This is for HCAs only in Tower Hamlets GP practices

This is for HCAs who have undertaken Flu training

This is not for those HCAs who have never had any training


Registering for CEPN Courses:

  • Please ensure that before you register on to a training course that you have seeked permission from your line manager. Ensure that you are able to be released from your organisation for the duration of the training.
  • Un-notified Non- attendance will result in your Employers being charged. Employers will be charged for the individual(s) at the rate of the cost per person to commission the training (this will vary in accordance to the type of training)
  • If you are unable to attend training you have registered for, please cancel your place via Eventbrite. Email and telephone cancelations will not be accepted.
  • When cancelling a booked place on a training course please ensure that this is done 3 days prior to the training date, this will ensure that you place can be taken up by a fellow colleague.
  • On the day of the training please ensure that you arrive on time for registration. If you arrive more than 10minutes after the starting time you will be denied entry (practices will also be charged for this)
  • Please note that once you have finished the training you will be expected to complete an evaluation form for feedback purposes.