Coaching and Mentorship programme for 6th form and College students

Are you currently studying at a Tower Hamlets 6th Form or College? Are you considering a Career in Health Care? Would you like to receive advice, mentoring and coaching support from a Health Care professional?

What are the benefits of Coaching and Mentorship?





  • Establish and act toward achieving goals. Coaching gives the individual an opportunity to define their career goals in a realistic way
  • Increased level of engagement
  • Safe Place to Gain Perspective
  • Deeper Level of Learning
  • Build Personal Awareness
  • Support for Improving Specific Skills
The Coach Mentors can provide guidance around different roles available in healthcare. They can also provide advise around UCAS/higher education options and available training and development pathways. Successful applicants will have access to up to 12 hours of one-to-one contact time. This could take place face to face or virtually.

Who are the Coach Mentors?

The Coaching and Mentorship activities will be delivered via the established Training Hub Coaching and Mentorship faculty. All the Coach Mentors are quality assured and are current health professionals working in Primary Care in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Who can apply?

This programme is open to all students currently studying at a Tower Hamlets 6th Form or College. It is the expectation that you are considering or/and pursuing a career in healthcare.

How to apply?

CLICK HERE to complete an application form. Please note, applicants will be required to submit a personal statement along with a reference statement from the school or college. There will be a screening process based on the application and matching will be undertaken by the programme management office
For more information, please contact