Dr Kamilla Kamaruddin, Tower Hamlets GP at East One Health describes her journey in her transition as transgender GP and patient

Dr Tania Anastasiadis provides a quick update on Cancer for General Practice in Tower Hamlets. 8th February 2018

As part of a Tower Hamlets Diabetes Management in Primary Care study day, Professor Tahseen Chowdhury, Diabetes Consultant at Barts Health, provides an interactive update on Diabetes and the Kidney. 7th February 2018

Highlight from the GP Care Group P-RESET Launch event on the 8th February 2018

Richard Simmonds, Clinical Lead at ELFT, PLT presentation on Suicide and Self Harm and Young people, 16th January 2018


Dr Sonia Bains, ST4 in Sports and Exercise Medicine, AFC Wimbledon Club Doctor. Presentation on Physical Activity and the Management and Prevention of type 2 Diabetes. The presentation was delivered at a primary and secondary care joint learning conference on Diabetes Management in January 2018. 

Dr Silvia Murguia, Consultant at ELFT,  PLT presentation on Deliberate Self Harm: a new Epidemic?, 16th January 2018

Sue Hogarth, Tower Hamlets Together Public Health Consultant, presents an overview of Tower Hamlets Together, it’s work on building a local Population Health system and how it relates to disease prevention and management.  January 2018.

Professor Tahseen Chowdhury, Consultant Diabetologist, and the Diabetes Centre had a surprise visit from CEPN and Health Education England recognising the excellent contribution in training and development provided to Primary and Community Care

Presentations from the 2nd General Practice summit held in October 2017

Highlights from the first Tower Hamlets GP Summit held in April 2017