ASIST ‘TuneUp’: Reinforcing your learning….

Who is it for?

TuneUp is for ASIST participants who need a reinforcing, follow-up experience

What are the course aims?

  • To reinforce the model of suicide intervention

  • To revisit attitudes

  • To share and explore participants' experiences of suicide interventions

  • To explore resource and networking issues

What are the teaching methods?

The course incorporates various teaching methods, including:

  • Presentations

  • Discussion

  • Small group work

  • Interactive video learning

What are the training outcomes?

Following the ASIST TuneUp course, you will be able to:

  • Better understand the ASIST intervention model.

  • Refine use of risk-review and safe-planning.

  • Increase awareness of the impact of attitudes on suicide first-aid.

  • Develop support networks for suicide intervention within and across organisations.