This course will equip non registrants to allocate patients safely into face to face or telephone appointment with an appropriate practitioner or service. The course will also equip non registered staff to question for, recognise and allocate patients with urgent health needs.

Course Duration: 

Two Days


Develop communication skills to undertake preliminary telephone triage.
• Consider how to categorise the urgency of the patient’s condition.
• Signpost patients to the most appropriate member of the registered practitioner team
• Allocate appointments and home visits in an appropriate manner to make best use of resources.

Course Overveiw

  • What telephone triage is

  • Legal responsibility in telephone triage

  • Correct documentation

  • The use of established protocols

  • Communication skills: techniques and conversation management.

  • Active listening

  • Questioning styles

  • Effective and efficient telephone triage call management.

  • Questioning to identify clinical emergencies

  • Questioning to identify common red flag symptoms

  • Questioning to categorise the urgency of the patient's condition

  • Clinical case scenarios for minor and major conditions.

  • Referral to appropriate team members

  • Risk management

  • Clinical Governance

Course Cost:

£200 PP 

Course Dates: