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Preparing for and conducting staff appraisals (Managers)


To provide managers and supervisors with the skills and tools to conduct effective staff appraisals.

 Course description          

The approach will be flexible and interactive, using a range of methods including ‘chalk and talk’, scenarios, group discussions and activities, in a safe and confidential environment. The session will cover: -

  •  The appraisal process and its links withperformance management, personal development plans (PDP) and continuing      professional development (CPD
  •  The benefits of appraisal
  •   Sharing experiences
  •  Effective communication skills for preparing for and  conducting appraisals
  • Preventing and dealing with common problems that  may arise during an appraisal process
  •   Setting SMARTER objectives.

 Learning outcomes

  •  By the end of the course, participants will have:
  • An increased understanding of appraisal and its  role in giving feedback on work performance and improving that performance
  • Greater knowledge for preparing and conducting  appraisal
  • A recognition of the importance of good  communication skills
  • The tools for developing action plans and PDPs  for CPD.