12:30 PM12:30

COPD Update

This afternoon will cover updates in COPD guidance as well as interactive case discussions and the opportunity for questions and answers. This will include:

-         A general update on COPD and consolidation of guidelines including those for ICS

-         Other methods of supporting COPD management (e.g. smoking cessation, pulmonary rehab, nutrition and psychology)

Click here to Download Agenda

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12:00 PM12:00

Non- Clinical PLT: Sign Posting in General Practice


What is active signposting in general practice?

  • Why is it important to patients and clinicians?

  • What is the role of receptionists and its importance?

  • The types of enquiries that can be signposted


  • Who are our stakeholders and what are their needs and expectations?

  • How do we get buy in and tackle resistance?

  • How can we communicate the change


  • Freeing up GP appointments

  • Booking patients with the right practice clinician first time

  • What are patient’s rights and responsibilities?

  • Practice website and information leaflets


  • Who can we signpost patients to outside the practice?

  • Determining the service access criteria

  • Which services do we need to prioritise?

  • What Mental Health support exists and how do we access it?

  • What Community Support services for carers and older people exist?

  • What support charities exist?


  • Participants commit themselves to a plan of action that they will take upon returning to work. 

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1:30 PM13:30

HCA: Healthy Eating for people living with Diabetes

Healthy Eating for people living with Diabetes –Deconstructing Carbohydrates

Outside Speaker – Christine Oxtoby -Diabetes Specialist Dietician

Traditionally a ‘sugar free’ diet was recommended for people with diabetes because it was assumed that sugary carbohydrates had a more rapid effect on blood glucose levels.

Starchy carbohydrate foods such as bread, potatoes, rice & pasta were encouraged because it was assumed that they had a slow and lasting effect on blood glucose levels. However, research has shown that it isn’t quite as simple as this.


The aim of this PLT is to enable participants to identify sources of carbohydrate in the diet and understand their different effects on blood glucose levels.

The session will also include a carbohydrate quiz to consolidate learning’

Followed by AP/HCA Forum

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1:30 PM13:30

HCA Diabetes Footcare (followed by HCA forum)

"Time is Tissue"

There are over 135 amputations a week in England due to Diabetic complications . Your role as a HCA/AP  in reducing the Human and financial cost of amputation.

Outside speaker : Zabeer Rashid Specialist Podiatrist Mile End Hospital

-Diabetic Foot Complications

-Assessment of the Diabetic Foot and the importance of competency based assessment

-Risk status and what to do

Followed by the HCA/AP Forum

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1:00 PM13:00

HCA PLT: Wound Care Dressings (Followed by HCA Forum)

Introduction to wound care for HCA’s.  Karen Staines Lead Nurse Wound Care
Accelerate CIC will be giving a talk on the following

  • Skin Care for the Lower limb

  • Wound healing – how do wounds heal – creating the right environment

  • Dressings categories – finding the right solution

  • Getting supervision from your Practice Nurse with wound care


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1:00 PM13:00

Clinical PLT: Menopause and Contraception

Learning Objectives:

  • To be able to describe local TOP and LARC provision data
  • To reflect on the changes in the Sexual Health & Contraception NIS 2016-17 with respect to incentivisation of LARC provision
  • To know about contraception options for peri-menopausal women
  • To know what the options are for management of peri-menopausal & menopausal symptoms
  • To know what services are available at Barts Health (including TH-CASH) for women in the peri-menopause or menopause
  • To get an update on established & new methods of contraception
  • To be able to counsel women prior to IUD / IUS insertion
  • To be able to manage some common side effects & other problems experienced by women using different types of contraception, in particular LARC
  • To learn      about the addition of Hepatitis C screening to the Sexual Health &      Contraception NIS and related referral pathways

Please note that the last session is an opportunity for delegates to bring specific cases/common problems with contraception for discussion with speakers. Please can you email these to Jane Hutchinson ( in advance if possible.


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1:30 PM13:30

Preparing for and conducting staff appraisals (Managers)


To provide managers and supervisors with the skills and tools to conduct effective staff appraisals.

 Course description          

The approach will be flexible and interactive, using a range of methods including ‘chalk and talk’, scenarios, group discussions and activities, in a safe and confidential environment. The session will cover: -

  •  The appraisal process and its links withperformance management, personal development plans (PDP) and continuing      professional development (CPD
  •  The benefits of appraisal
  •   Sharing experiences
  •  Effective communication skills for preparing for and  conducting appraisals
  • Preventing and dealing with common problems that  may arise during an appraisal process
  •   Setting SMARTER objectives.

 Learning outcomes

  •  By the end of the course, participants will have:
  • An increased understanding of appraisal and its  role in giving feedback on work performance and improving that performance
  • Greater knowledge for preparing and conducting  appraisal
  • A recognition of the importance of good  communication skills
  • The tools for developing action plans and PDPs  for CPD.
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3:00 PM15:00

Nurse Revalidation Workshop for PMs

Revalidation for Practice Nurses: what do employers need to know and do?

Employers of nurses are called upon to support the revalidation agenda, but some employers are not sure what it means or what demands will be made upon the organisation. Ruth Walters (Nurse Practitioner at Island Health) and Vicky Souster (GP Care Group Education and Development Manager) will lead the discussions and share resources and information. If there are large numbers present this will be done in groups.

 Learning outcomes:

  • After the session,  which will be informal, PMs and GP employers should be able to describe
  •  What is different about Revalidation and PREP (the old system for updating and renewing knowledge)
  • How they can support revalidation via good appraisal systems
  • How to support people where there is no senior nurse to have a professional discussion with
  •  Where they can find the information about revalidation that they need.

 Target audience: GPs and Practice Managers.

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1:30 PM13:30

Clinical: Child Health Update

The programme will include:

  • Referral and management of children with speech and language difficulties and feeding difficulties.
  • Common surgical problems in children and young people
  • Orthopaedics- the management of common developmental problems in childhood and an update on new methods of consulting from the COOP project.

To view the agenda CLICK HERE

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1:30 PM13:30

PLT Dementia awareness training for non clinical staff (UCLP)

  • Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

In partnership with national organisations such as Alzheimer’s Society, Join Dementia Research (JDR), as well as Local Dementia Action Alliances (LDAA) UCL Partners will facilitate and support delivery of dementia awareness training. Through this funded project, we are able to offer training free of charge to all practice staff (clinical and nonclinical)

In agreement with guidelines from the Alzheimer’s Society, each practice should complete a number of actions in order to become dementia friendly Actions to include:

Run a Dementia Awareness Training session for all practice staff:

  • Appoint a Dementia Champion
  • Become a member of your local Dementia Action Alliance
  • Introduce changes to your practice environment
  •  Involve people with dementia and their careers in practice patient groups
  • Promotion of recruitment to Join Dementia Research campaign
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1:30 PM13:30

Clinical: Medicines Management, prescribing priorities, medicines management waste and asthma.

This Session will cover:

Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) remains a high national priority. NHS England has continued with the Antibiotic Quality Premium targets on reducing inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics for CCGs in 2016-17. We hope to have Microbiology specialists in this session to highlight the current AMS topics, latest prescribing data and interactive workshops.

Medicines Waste: The Department of Health estimates that the gross annual cost of NHS primary and community care prescription medicines wastage in England is around £300 million per year.  It includes an estimated £90 million worth of unused prescription medicines that are retained in individuals’ homes at any one time, £110 million returned to community pharmacies over the course of a year, and £50 million worth of NHS supplied medicines that are disposed of unused by care homes. In addition, if medicines are not taken properly, patients do not receive the intended health benefits from them. Tower Hamlets is launching a series of initiatives on reducing medicines waste. This session will highlight these initiatives and how everyone can work together to reduce medicines waste.

Asthma: New inhalers and their place in therapy -There have been a recent explosion in the number of new inhaler devices and drugs that have come to the market and that have been approved at the local medicine committees.

This interactive session will give clinicians an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new inhalers and their place in therapy.

The session will also include a reminder of the importance of inhaler technique and with particular reference to the new inhalers.

To view the agenda CLICK HERE

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1:30 PM13:30

HCA PLT: Women’s Health and Screening

Aim: Provide an overview of the HCAs role in General Practice in relation to women's Health screening and contraception.

Desired Outcomes: HCAs will be able to:

  • Improve screening rates for cervical cytology as a result of improved knowledge about the programme
  •  Signpost women to appropriate help and advice regarding contraception issues and sexual health screening.
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4:30 PM16:30

Special GP Forum hosted by the LMC: New Models of Care - What could they look like?

We are all acutely aware of the difficulties facing us in General Practice.

There is uncertainty and a sense of being forced into directions that need far more consideration and collective agreement before anything can be effectively implemented.

In recognition of this, a motion was passed overwhelmingly at LMC conference in May. It committed the GPC to balloting GPs willingness to take industrial action, canvass on what industrial action they would be willing to take and whether they would sign undated resignations - all this if, by the end of August, the Government hadn't come up with any better plan to rescue General Practice than the GP Forward View.

Tower Hamlets LMC invite you to a special meeting to take stock of where we are and where we want to be, discuss the options for the future and look at the implications of a possible ballot and industrial action.

We want to canvass your opinions on the direction of travel and whether you would be willing to take some form of industrial action. You will note that the date of the meeting is deliberately set for after the time limit in the motion.

Please book this date in now, we want to ensure a good turn out so that we can get a meaningful discussion.

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1:30 PM13:30

Clinical: Mental Health for Children and Young people

  • Education Centre, Mile End Hospital (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Maternity and early years are the number 1 priority of “Towards a Healthier Tower Hamlets”. Hence as a part of the transformational programme to improve early detection and intervention of illness and ensuring children achieve positive physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing there has been additional investment in CAMHS services.

Eating Disorders are serious mental health problems. Children and adolescent with eating disorders often have co-exiting other mental health problems and physical health issues. A quick identification, offering high quality evidence-based treatment sooner than later is likely to lead to a better outcome, reduces relapses and hospital admissions. Therefore updating GPs the positive results e.g. from pilot project, equipping them with better recognition skills and informing them revised referral pathway on a timely manner is vital to achieve a better health outcome and cost effectiveness.

This PLT is for information sharing between primary care and secondary care colleagues about overview of transformation of CAMHS, resources available and CYP community eating disorder service, referral pathway, management options.

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1:30 PM13:30

Non Clinical: An introduction to Medical Terminology

This popular half day course is aimed primarily at GP receptionists, NHS administrators, medico- legal administrators and clerical staff employed in a healthcare environment. The aim of the course is for students to develop a basic understanding of medical terminology in an enjoyable, informative and interactive way so that they can be enthused to explore and develop their interest and knowledge further.

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1:30 PM13:30

HCA Flu Jab update

Introduction to vaccination, how we undertake the role and specifics of HCA's undertaking it i.e the Patient Specific Direction  (PSD) issue.


  • This is for HCAs only in Tower Hamlets GP practices
  • This is for HCAs who have undertaken Flu training
  • This is not for those HCAs who have never had any training
  • This PLT is designed as an update only for HCAs in General Practice that have previously attended training

Topics to be covered

  1.  2016/17 Flu vaccine for Adults
  2. Accountability and Delegation
  3. he use of PSDs and documentation
  4. Injection Technique
  5. Infection Control
  6. The Cold Chain
  7. Consent
  8.  Privacy and Dignity

Patient Specific Direction (PSD) 

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