PLT Presentations

September 2019

Immunisation Update

  1. Community pharmacy immunisations

  2. Immunisation Programme- The Royal London Hospital – Barts Health

  3. Measles Mumps and Rubella Vaccination (MMR)

  4. Improving ‘flu vaccination uptake in primary care

  5. Opioid Prescribing in Primary Care

  6. Vaccination UK

  7. Improving MMR Uptake in Tower Hamlets Immunisation Meeting

Medicines Optimisation

  1. Moving forward with my pain Shared Decision Making with people living with chronic non-malignant MSK pain

Making a Digital Change

  1. Getting Practices Digitally Ready

Document Processing

  1. Clinical Document Management

August 2019

Postnatal Update

  1. Postnatal Care

  2. Postnatal physiotherapy

  3. Health Visiting Service in the Postnatal period

  4. Postnatal Exercises

July 2019

NIS Care Planning: exploring 'what matters to you'

  1. Personalised Care

June 2019


  1. Outpatient Transformation

  2. Teledermatology eRS Advice and Guidance Service

  3. Dermatology Advice and Guidance with a Photo

  4. Teledermatology – Patient information

  5. Dermatology Advice and Guidance

PRESET PLT- It’s not all about heroin

  1. Drug and Alcohol awareness

  2. Drug use and problems in general practice

  3. Chemsex

  4. Tower Hamlets young people’s Integrated health and wellbeing service

  5. What can we learn from one another

April 2019


  1. E-Referral Service What’s Working (and What’s Not)

Effective multidisciplinary team working and coordination in primary care to improve adult mental health outcomes - 25th April 2019

  1. Integrated Care Mental Health Liaison Team

  2. Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies

  3. Tower Hamlets Psychological Therapy Service

March 2019

Launch of the 19/20 NIS

  1. NIS Update 2019/20

  2. Medicines Optimisation (Prescribing)

  3. Care Planning (incl MDT)

  4. Long Term Conditions LTC - Respiratory & Cancer

  5. Referral Management and Planned Care

  6. Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

February 2019

Recognising and managing mental health symptoms and co-morbidities in primarily physical health presentations

  1. Common presentations of mental distress in physical health conditions

  2. Managing complex physical & psychological presentations in Chronic Pain patients.

  3. MUS / Somatisation / Functional somatic (distress) disorders

NHS Health Checks

  1. NHS Health Check update from Public Health

  2. The Carers Centre “Improving & enriching the lives of unpaid carers”

Online Registration Update and Refugee support

  1. Safe Surgeries

  2. Access to care

  3. Tower Hamlets Online Registration Update

January 2019

Itchy, Sneezy and Wheezy update

  1. Itchy Wheezy

  2. Guidelines for the management of asthma in adults 2018

  3. Paediatric wheeze & asthma management  in TH

  4. Management of Eczema and When to Seek Help

November 2018

Safeguarding update

  1. Safeguarding Young People Against Gang Related Harm

  2. The Child death Overview Panel (What is CDOP?)

  3. Hidden Harm -Strengthening relationships

  4. Identification & Referral to improve Safety (IRIS)

  5. Overview of Safeguarding Changes

  6. Tower Hamlets Young People’s Integrated Health and Wellbeing Service

September 2018

P-reset update

  1. First year and where next

  2. Supporting peoples health and recovery

HCA Flu update

  1. Consent, privacy and dignity

  2. Flu Season 2018/2019

  3. How do vaccines work & Cold Flu Chain

  4. Patient specific direction

  5. PHE National Flu programme

  6. Vaccine update 2018

Nurse Flu update

  1. Influenza Vaccinations

  2. Seasonal Flu update 18/19

  3. Immunisation statistics for Tower Hamlets

  4. Immunisation update

  5. Childrens Immunisations- why is there a wave of dissent?

August 2018

Sexual Health & Contraception Update

  1. Introduction to contraception in Tower Hamlets- Dr Jane Hutchinson

  2. Whats new in contraception- Janet Barter

  3. Details of ISH referrals- Janet Barter

  4. LARC in General practice- Jill Zelin

  5. LARC at Blithehale

July 2018 

Local Updates

  1. Workforce Updates- Ekramul Hoque & Phil Bennett Richards

  2. NHS e-referral Service- Osman Bhatti

Role of the HCA in Raising Awareness of Alcohol intake and Health needs

  1. Monitoring and Supporting Our Patients- Michele Leworthy

  2. Alcohol Screening- Diane Gould

June 2018

End of life Care in Tower Hamlets

  1. Measuring Quality in end of life care

  2. End of life and EPCTs

  3. Trying to predict the future- The challenges of identifying who should be added to the palliative care register

  4. End of life care at Barts Health

  5. Physician Response Unit

  6. Voluntary sector organisation providing End of life Care/Last years of life services for Tower Hamlets Residents

  7. Adult Social Care Useful Contacts

HCA: Sexual Health Update

  1. Integrated Infection Screening in General Practice

  2. Life & Times - What its like to be a transgender patient and a GP

  3. Providing a service for trans patients

  4. How can Health Care Assistants increase STI & HIV Screening in General Practice?

May 2018

COPD Update in Primary Care

  1. Very Brief Advice "VBA"- Shamsia Begum

  2. Malnutrition in COPD- Emma Burnikell

  3. Emotional wellbeing in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- Liz Harte

  4. Seasonal Flu and Smoking Stats- Luise Dawson

  5. Optimising Inhaled Corticosteroids in COPD - Jim Cole

  6. COPD clinical update: latest evidence and guidelines- Richa Singh


April 2018

Asthma in Children

  1. Air Quality in Tower Hamlets

  2. Asthma Management Update

  3. Asthma reviews & Personalised action plans

  4. Inhalers in Children

  5. Is it Asthma? Diagnosing with confidence

  6. Managing acute Asthma exacerbations in Primary Care

  7. NICE Children maltreatment: When to suspect maltreatment in under 18s (2017)

  8. Safeguarding and Childhood Asthma

  9. Psychological relationship between Asthma and Anxiety

  10. Tower Hamlets School Health Service

  11. Tower Hamlets: Transforming Asthma

HCA:  Immunisation and Vaccination Update

  1. B12 - Your questions, what you wanted to know

  2. Vaccines Quiz


March 2018

Transgender Care

  1. Life and Times- what is it like to be a transgender patient and a GP

  2. Gender Dysphoria- What a GP might usefully know

  3. Endocrinological Management and Treatment of Adult Gender Dysphoric Patients

  4. Transmen

February 2018

Tower Hamlets- Cancer Update

  1. Cancer Screening Update

  2. Cancer Update 2018

  3. Lung Health Check Study

  4. Multi- Disciplinary Diagnostic Centre

HCA: NHS Health Checks

  1. Alcohol- Audit C & Audit and what is next


January 2018

Suicide Prevention and Management of Self Harm in Young People

  1. DHS a new epidemic- Dr S. Murguia, Consultant Psychiatrist

  2. Suicide Prevention- Dr Richard Simmonds

HCA: Smoking Cessation  

  1. Smoking Cessation- Mutiur Rahman

BOLT ON PLT: P-reset New service Overview

  1. P-reset new service presentation


November 2017 

Safeguarding: Its all our business 

  1. Safeguarding Adult Annual Report- Christabel Shawcross

  2. Child Neglect

  3. Jigsaw/Mappa


September 2017

Recognition and Management of Acutely Ill Children in Primary Care

  1. Full Presentation slides - Dr Mohammed Amin

  2. How to observe the sick child

Annual health Checks for people with Learning Disabilities in primary Care

  1. Annual Health Checks Presentation 1

  2. Annual Health Checks Presentation 2

August 2017

Medically Unexplained Symptoms/'Bodily Distress Disorder' in Primary Care

  1. Managing MUS and BDS in primary Care

  2. MUS Manuscript

HCA: Social prescribing

  1. Social Prescribing- Davina Ridsdale

July 2017

Tower Hamlets Together Primary Care and Community Fair

June 2017

Clinical: New Migrant LTBI Screening and Psychological support for patients with long term physical health conditions

  1. Latent TB and Mental Health PLT

  2. Tuberculosis in London

  3. TB in Tower Hamlets

  4. The Newham LTBI Extended Primary Care Services

  5. Latent TB Testing in Practice

HCA: Diabetes Foot Check

1. Diabetes Foot Check-Zabeer Rashid

May 2017

Clinical: Contraception and Menopause

  1. HCV Testing- Dr. Stuart Flanagan

  2. LARC Activity Presentation- Jane Hutchinson

  3. LARC NIS- Dr A Spahn

  4. Menopause and HRT Update- Prof Anne Macgregor

  5. What Is New in Contraception- Jill Zelin

Non Clinical: Communication Skills

1. Communication skills

March 2017

HCA- NHS Health Checks

  1. A strategy for Carers

  2. NHS Health Checks Update- TH HCA's NDPP

  3. NHS Health Checks

Preparing for and Conducting staff appraisals (Managers)

  1. Appraisals and Performance Management

Taking the Early Roots of Obesity in Tower Hamlets Children Under 5 years

  1. Vitamin D for Good Health

  2. Introducing solid food

  3. The Baby Friendly Initiative

  4. The work of the Baby Feeding Team

  5. Infant tongue tie

February 2017

 Reducing demand on Primary Care: Supporting patients by addressing their social determinants of health

1. Social Prescribing  Presentation video on Mcmillan social prescribing programme in Bromley By Bow

   HCA: Sexual Health Update

  1. How can HCA's increase STI & HIV screening in general practice

  2.  Engaging Young People, Come Correct & You're Welcome

January 2017

  1. MSK update

November 2016

Child Health Update

1. Oral health Presentation- Dental Students

2. Child health Update

3. Referral and management of children with speech, language and communication needs

4. Referral and management of children with eating difficulties

5. Children's Orthopaedics- issues with lower limbs   

HCA- Wound care

1. Medico- legal issues

Introduction to Medical terminology

1. Medical Terminology- Dr Thoreya Swage

October 2016

Medicines Management, prescribing priorities, Asthma management, sepsis and antimicrobial stewardship

1. Sepsis- Old condition new definition

2. Respiratory Presentation

Dementia Awareness

1. Join Dementia Research

2.  Join Dementia Research presentation

3. Building Culture of Dementia Awareness


September 2016

Mental Health in Children and Young People

1. Community Eating Disorder Service- Children & Young People

2. Tower Hamlets CAMHS- Transformation of CAMHS

 3. Tower Hamlets- Front Door / Triage Team

Medical Terminology

1. Medical Terminology- Dr Thoreya Swage


August 2016

Dermatology Update

1. Tower Hamlets Teledermatology OATs Service

2. DMC Facial Rashes 2016

3. DMC General 2016

4. Paediatric Atopic Eczema- Monir Miah

Inhaler Technique

1. HCA Respiratory quiz

Role of a Chaperone

1. Chaperoning - Roles and Responsibilities


June 2016


1. HIV- Chem Sex for GP

2. HIV Audit

NHS Health Checks

1. HCA Forum VBA

2. Health Checks Data


May 2016

End of Life Care

1. Advance Care Planning

2. My health and Future

3. PLT Symptom Management

4. Specialist Palliative Care at Barts Health

February 2016

Female Genital Mutilation

1. Female Genital Mutilation

2. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) & Mandatory reporting

3. Women's Health & Family Services- Female Genital Mutilation


January 2016

Young People Sexual Health

1. Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

2. Chlamydia Screening in Tower Hamlets

3.  Young People and Sexual Health                                            

4. Epidemiology of STIs  & unwanted pregnancies in young people in Tower Hamlets


November 2015

  1. Managing Lower Limb Swelling, Chronic Oedema and Lymphoedema


October 2015

Maternity Update

  1. Identification and management of the 'Small for Gestational Age Fetus'

  2. Diabetes- pregnancy, labour and the puerperium guideline


September 2015

Antimicrobial Stewardship

  1. Antimicrobial Stewardship 17 Sept

  2. Antimicrobial Stewardship- Session 2

  3. Target Antibiotics


July 2015

Cancer in Primary Care

  1. Cancer Screening in England

  2. The Meaning of Cancer

Sexual Health

  1. What's New in Contraception

NMC Nurse Revalidation

  1. Revalidation- What it means for you

Role of a Chaperone

  1. Chaperoning- Roles and responsibilities


June 2015

Integrated Care

  1. Tower Hamlets Integrated Care

May 2015

Cough Update

  1. Management of Cough

  2. The Newham latent tuberculosis infection screening and treatment project

  3. TB: The Elispot In the Room

  4. GP Referrals to TB service

Tower Hamlets Revalidation

  1. An overview of the process of revalidation for nursing


April 2015

Liver Disease

  1. Viral Hepatitis

  2. Managing abnormal LFTs in Primary care

  3. Liver Pathology and Prevalence

  4. Community Drug/ Alcohol Pathways

  5. Abnormal LFTs and NAFLD

Integrated Care NIS Update

  1. TH Integrated Care NIS - Coding requirements

  2. Integrated Care NIS


March 2015

Role of a Chaperone

  1. Chaperoning- Roles and responsibilities


  1. How can Health Care Assistants & Practice Nurses increase STI & HIV screening in primary care

Reflective Practices

  1. Reflective practice to assess, plan and assist learning


February 2015

  1. Developing a Strategy


January 2015

Care Certificate

  1. Introduction to Care Certificate

  2. Skills for Care