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Making Every Contact Count

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is about encouraging and helping people to make healthier choices to achieve positive long-term behaviour change. To do this, organisations need to build a culture and operating environment that supports continuous health improvement through the contact it has with individuals; doing this will improve health and wellbeing amongst service users, staff and the general public and reduce health inequalities.

Frontline staff have valuable opportunities to initiate conversations to help service users make decisions that bring positive changes to their lives - this is true irrespective of the sector staff work in; it is not just health care staff that can make a difference. It is about developing the relationships that staff already have.

Public Health are aspiring to embed MECC within front line roles in all the different types of organisations and institutions throughout Tower Hamlets.

What is being offered?

Public health has developed a bespoke training programme to support staff to develop the relevant knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to deliver behaviour change interventions through affective conversations.

Frontline staff are not expected to be experts in behaviour change, but we wish to support them to feel comfortable and be confident in engaging with service users; encouraging them to take make decision that would lead to improved health and wellbeing. The training primarily addresses equipping staff with the appropriate skills and confidence to be able to have these conversations resulting in signposting to relevant services. It is about connecting with the public and using the appropriate language to do this affectively.


MECC is a half day course which focuses on six key areas:

  • Stopping smoking
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Being physically active
  • Drinking within sensible limits
  • Looking after sexual health
  • Improving mental health

MECC teaches a simple structure using the 4’s ‘Ask, Advise, Assess and Arrange’ and MECC intervention should be longer than a 2-3 minutes conversation.

Click on dates to register your place - please note there are both AM and PM sessions available for each date

Tuesday 7th February 2017- Spot Light Youth Centre

Monday 20th February 2017- Education Centre, Mile End Hospital

Monday 27th February 2017- Spot Light Youth Centre

Wednesday 1st March 2017-  Education Centre, Mile End Hospital

Tuesday 14th March 2017-   Spot Light Youth Centre

Wednesday 15th March 2017- Education Centre, Mile End Hospital

Monday 20th March 2017- Education Centre, Mile End Hospital

Wednesday 22nd March 2017-Education Centre, Mile End Hospital