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General Practice Receptionist and Administration Training

We are pleased to announce the dates for the Receptionist and Administration staff members’ development training programme. Three courses are on offer, each course is being run twice to offer opportunity for different staff members to attend. Participants are not required to attend all 3 courses.

All participants are expected to engage in the evaluation process including post 6 weeks course survey and possible telephone interviews.

DNAs or failure to notify of non-attendance 5 days prior to the course will incur a £120 charge to the practice for the fully day courses and £60 for the half day courses

Following full attendance on the courses, practices will be entitled to claim £90 for each staff that attends a full day course and £45 for a half day course.  The purpose of this claim will be to enable staff cover. You are reminded to take advantage of this offer as this support is unlikely to be available in the future. The offer can only be claimed for a receptionist or administrator, not other staff. Late arrivals and early leavers will not be issued certificate.