Dementia Film - Finding Patience. A film developed to address the specific needs of the African Caribbean

As part of our work to deliver the requirements of the Prime Ministers Challenge on Dementia 2020, HEE commissioned a training resource for health and social care providers that focuses on the specific needs of the African Caribbean community.  I am very pleased to let you know that ‘Finding Patience’ produced with the support of experts across the system, is now available on the HEE website  and on ‘You Tube’ Finding Patience.     

I would be pleased if you can encourage staff to publicise this resource and to promote it via all relevant networks. HEE Communications colleagues are working through our communications strategy, which includes engagement with stakeholder organisations, inclusion in HEE Matters and a schedule of tweets for use over the coming weeks.   In addition, we will continue to work with national organisations to encourage appropriate coverage in relevant bulletins and seek opportunities to promote the film at relevant events.  If you are aware of any appropriate events that could provide opportunity to further promote this resource, please can you let the Project Team know.

This ‘awareness raising’ film is designed to help health and social care staff recognise the importance of the cultural heritage of individuals living with dementia and that such understanding enables high quality, safe, person centred care.  It encourages health and care professions to start talking about cultural sensitivities and those challenges that may be rooted in cultural heritage and which may result in a reluctance to seek help.   It encourages staff to break down barriers in order to reach people who may otherwise go undiagnosed or struggle in isolation to provide care within family units.

Following significant input from experts within the African Caribbean community, I am also pleased that this is considered a helpful resource for this community to help raise awareness, reduce some of the stigma surrounding dementia and also encourage those who may have concerns about either themselves or a family member to seek early support.  Low awareness of dementia and low numbers of people accessing dementia services are recognised issues in this community.

 Further details are included on the website, but if you have any immediate queries, please do not hesitate to contact members of the Project Team Jan Zietara or Dominique ( who will be pleased to help.