This 3 workshop training programme delivered over the 4 Tower Hamlets localities will be designed and delivered by local voluntary, health and Council childrens services experts. The programme develops the opportunities provided both by universal screening/provision from midwives and health visitors, and on local work strengthening the outreach/engagement work of Children’s Centres and the delivery of a number of Tower Hamlets VCS programmes such as Community Parents, ‘Maternity Mates’ and ‘Better Beginnings’.

The programme will deliver training to support frontline staff to promote healthy parent child relationships and good infant emotional development for all the families with which they work.

It will provide frontline staff with an overview of the evidence on the importance of sensitive attuned parenting for the development of the baby’s brain and in promoting secure attachment and bonding and will ensure that they are confident in providing the support that new parents need.

It will ensure that frontline staff across a range of services and sectors will be supported to deliver (or work within multi-disciplinary teams to deliver) the assessments and early intervention to strengthen bonding and attachment, to build resilience and promote positive wellbeing.