Coaching for Health and Well-Being

A 2 day programme for frontline staff giving you the skills to apply coaching to conversations with service users, patients, carers and their families. This programme supports the THT principles of integrated working and person centred care


What is ‘Coaching for Health and Well-Being’?

‘Coaching for Health and Well-Being’ is a term used to describe interventions that ‘coach’ or actively support people to selfcare. It involves a move away from a dependent model to one that is person centred, empowering, and based around a person’s own aspirations and goals. It combines coaching, psychology and behaviour change techniques to enable transformative conversations in a health, care and well-being setting.  
Why are we using this approach?

THT is changing the way that we work. Teams are being asked to deliver person-centred, integrated care. Coaching for Health and Well-Being skills support this new way of working and Tower Hamlets Together is funding this programme to support these changes.  You will be able to use coaching techniques to change the conversations you have with patients, service users, their families and carers to encourage shared decision and person centred care.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased patient activation

  • Increases in preventative behaviours and self-management

  • Improved 2 way communication and partnership working

  • Long term sustained benefits in terms of cost reductions and service development

  • Reported increase in job satisfaction amongst health and care professionals actively using the approach

Programme Content

The programme is highly experiential with many opportunities to build on the skills you already have, practice new skills, share experiences, develop relationships and network with your colleagues.

You will cover:

  • The coaching process and its application to health, care and well-being

  • Encouraging activation and self-management

  • Shared decision-making and personalization

  • Understanding motivation and readiness to change


This is a 2 day programme, running on non-consecutive days, 9am – 5pm. The programme is delivered by internal trainers. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after attending both days of the training and this can be used as evidence of Continual Professional Development. The training will take place at a location within Tower Hamlets. Refreshments are available throughout the day and lunch is provided. Reserve your place by registering on Eventbrite here. 
What people say about the programme

  • ‘This training was more enlightening and useful than any other course I have attended in my 30 years of nursing. These are essential skills for NHS staff with the current demography and client base’ – Nurse

  • ‘This has been for me, the best consultation skills course I have ever been on and it was amazing to see how it can be done in the 10 minute consultation as demonstrated’ – GP

  • ‘I have more confidence in having consultations with patients due to the training. Patients feel more involved in the decision making of their health and they feel more confident in my skills and advice’ – Pharmacist



Tuesday 2nd October & Tuesday 9th October 2018, Bede Centre (Fully Booked)

Wednesday 7th November & Thursday 15th November 2018, Bede Centre (Fully Booked)

Wednesday 5th December & Wednesday 12th December 2018, Bede Centre (Fully Booked)

Monday 14th January & Monday 28th January 2019, Education Centre, Mile End Hospital (Fully Booked)

Friday 18th January & Tuesday 29th January 2019, Bernie Cameron Community Centre

Friday 18th January (Education Centre, Mile End Hospital) & Tuesday 22nd January 2019 (Bernie Cameron Community Centre)

Wednesday 13th February & Tuesday 26th February 2019, Education Centre, Mile End Hospital

Wednesday 13th February & Friday 1st March 2019, Education Centre, Mile End Hospital

Friday 8th March & Friday 15th March 2019, Education Centre, Mile End Hospital

Monday 25th March & Wednesday 3rd April 2019, Education Centre, Mile End Hospital

Thursday 2nd May & Thursday 16th May 2019, Venue TBC