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Level 3 Safeguarding (Tower Hamlets General Practice)


We advise that this training is completed every 3 years.  If you attended last year or the year before you do not need to attend again.  We provide several Level 3 training sessions throughout the year.

Level 3 training is aimed at GPs and Nurse Practitioners. For further information on safeguarding training requirements in primary care, please see CCG website:

We recommend that online training should be completed prior to the session. The training can be accessed at:

The module is SGC Level 2a (2010) - The module is SGC Level 2a (2010) - Recognition, Response and Record in Primary Care

Please be aware that you need to allow 24 hours between registering and being able to log in to complete the module if you are not already registered.

s time is pressured we will not be repeating the content covered in the on-line sessions.

Practice nurses are
not required to undertake Level 3 safeguarding training unless they have an
extended role. Practice Nurses are however welcome to attend if they find
themselves involved in safeguarding issues to this level and think it
would be helpful.   Please see the CCG website for further detail on
training requirements