About the Programme

Welcome to our Quality Improvement space, where we share learning and development resources to help all practices access best local knowledge, and make faster, more impactful change. The aim of our resilience programme is to support and boost general practice now, without waiting for the landscape around us to change. So we’re keeping this space snappy, relevant, and, we hope, fun.

The aim of this programme is to empower all practice staff to make operational improvements on an ongoing basis, with the aim of this having a tangible impact on the satisfaction of staff and patients – and in that order. We want to make General Practice in Tower Hamlets the best place to work and receive care in the country. We want people to move here. Look for jobs here. Buy homes here, make their Christmas trees, get their coffees. You get the idea. This programme is founded on six key values, and namely: practice ownership (no commissioning agendas!), data driven change only, capability building of the whole team, all voices are equal (senior partners, make way for the brilliance of your newest receptionist), continuous curiosity, and developing the team to deliver the task. We want to be as rigorous around improving our processes as we are around practicing medicine. You can find more in the “about the programme” section.

25 practices have joined this programme and officially started their Quality Improvement work in April. We hope this space gives a flavour of our journey together, and of the belief we firmly hold that making a difference is completely within our power. Join in, and enjoy!

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