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Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Are you passionate about saving lives? Do you want to learn how to recognise a suicidal person and help them to safety? Why not come and learn and learn together with other community members on a fully funded training programme offered for people who live and work in Tower Hamlets.

Perhaps surprisingly, thoughts of suicide are not always related to mental ill-health. The reasons can seem challenging and complex. Furthermore, it is not always obvious when a person is at risk of suicide. Being suicide alert and talking about the reasons for wanting to live and die has been proven to help. We teach World Health Organisation (WHO) approved courses developed by LivingWorks that facilitate and promote this discussion while keeping both the care-giver and the person at risk safe.

This is an intensive 2 day course for care-givers and key community members. It teaches suicide alertness and an easy to remember framework of practical skills to safely initiate, complete and follow-up on a full suicide intervention. Please note the course can be emotionally demanding due to the sensitive nature of the topic  

What is ASIST?

An accredited two day, interactive training that prepares caregivers to provide suicide first aid interventions.


Who can attend ASIST?

Anyone 16 or older (despite previous training) can learn and use the ASIST model. No previous mental health or suicide prevention experience is necessary. Tower Hamlets have funded limited number of places for those living and working in Tower Hamlets.

What will you learn as an ASIST trained first aid caregiver?

After taking ASIST, you will be better able to:

  • Be suicide alert - identify people who have thoughts of suicide

  • Understand the reasons behind thoughts of suicide and the reasons for living

  • Access risk and safety - develop a plan to increase the safety of the person at risk of suicide

  • Recognise invitations for help

  • Recognise potential barriers of seeking help

  • Offer support – recognise other important aspects of suicide prevention including life-promotion and self-care

  • Effectively apply a suicide intervention model

  • Link people with community resources

What are the workshop features?

  • Presentations and guidance from two LivingWorks registered trainers

  • A scientifically proven intervention model

  • Powerful audio-visual learning aids

  • Group discussions

  • Skills practice and development

  • A balance of challenge and safety

  • Participant materials include a 20-page workbook, wallet card, and stickers. Participants also receive a certificate upon completing the workshop.

More information about the structure of the course is available via

When is the training and where? How much does it cost to attend training and how do I register to attend?

Standard price £300 PP. However we are offering limited number of FUNDED places for people living and working in Tower Hamlets


Monday 26th &Tuesday 27th November 2018,0900 - 1700 - Merchant Street Centre, Merchant St, London E3 4LQ

Friday 7th & Monday 10th December 2018, 0900 - 1700, Education Centre, Mile End Hospital, London E1 4DG

There are a limited number of funded places for Public Sector staff based in North East London. This includes staff who work in Barking, City & Hackney, Havering, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. You must register with your work email address.

Lunch and refreshment provided. To register click on the desired date above, bookings will be completed via Eventbrite

In house training?

If you are interested in training to be delivered at your workplace, please do get in touch with us via

Further information

Please note this course is emotionally tiring and can bring up personal feelings around loss, and previous thoughts of suicide. For further information please email

For in house delivery please get in touch with us